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Cheese Cake

Ok listen this and every other cake in here is made from scatch
If you intend on using lets say "cool whip" instead of pure heavy cream that you have to whip yourself(who knows relieve some of the tension from the occasion)Then get the hell out of here.


1-1/3 cups Graham cracker crumbs
1/3 cup butter
1/4 cup sugar

Melt butter,stir in crumbs and sugar.Press in bottom and sides of 9" pie plate,easy enough?

Now the good part

1-pkg. cream cheese
4-6oz heavy cream
4oz- sweet milk
1-tsp vanilla
1-can black cherries
1 can cherry pie filling(if you havent got homemade)
Cherry Brandy

Black Cherries

A few hrs.before you put this altogether,drain your black cherries,what you do with the juice is your concern,add 1/4 cup cherry brandy,put a lid on it let it stand,best overnite,but few hrs works for me.(it's ok to try the brandy while waiting)


Soften crean cheese with fork,add sweet milk,vanilla.Beat whip cream till very stiff! ha,(sorry),Fold into cheese mixture.add a handfull of your soaked cherries,fold gently,pour into pie plate.
Spread cherry pie filling over this,add a few cream flowers, top with remaining soaked cherries
Put this cake in fridge for 24hrs.KEEP FINGERS OUT
Share this with that special someone,who knows?