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From The Sea

Catch o the Day

Red Snapper

2- red snapper(whole and scaled)
1- lemon,lime,kiwi
4- cloves garlic
3" piece ginger
2 Tbs-honey
1/4 cup-soya sauce
1/4 cup- orange juice


Finely chop garlic,ginger add juice from lime,lemon,kiwi
(save some rind zest from each)
Add honey and mix well,add orange juice,soya sauce stir well
Lay your fish in large dish,pour marinade to cover them well
Cover dish,place in fridge for a couple hrs.


BBQ Method:oil grill,turn on medium high,place fish on rack,close lid cook for 15 min.Carefully turn fish cook for 10 min. basting a bit,
Remove from grill place on platters garnish with fruit. Serve with Coconut Rice