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Road   Kill   (cooking   on   a   budget)

We would all agree that running over our forest friends is unfortunate,I SAY STOP YOUR CAR ,see if maybe its just minor injuries and a chance to save it.But sometimes life takes it's course and well, only thing left to do is bag it.There are many inexpensive and pallet pleasing ways to deal with this unfortunate incident.
Author's note:clean your unfortunate friend immediatly after diagnosis.

Here we go

1 3-5lb-roadkill(experiment)
3 qt-chicken stock(preferably farm fresh)
1 lg-onion
okra(its up to you)
hand full fresh mushrooms
6-8- potatoes(diced)
hand full -green beans(fresh)
hand full-yellow beans
2 cups-white wine(a beer will do fine)
1/4 cup- flour
1/4 cup- butter
1/4 cup- soy sauce

How To

In a large pot melt butter,add flour and realy stir it
till it forms almost a ball,very slowly add hot chicken broth
stir big time till its smooth,add a little more stir till smooth and very thick,
Ok now go for it add all the rest of the stock,stir till its nice and creamy(will be thin)add carrots,potatoes,diced onion,okra,beans
Now you want to saute your unfortunate friend in a bit of water and vinegar till fluids burn off and "whatever you ran over" browns evenly
Add whatever it is you just sauted into the pot(with any drippings from pan)
Stir it around,bring to boil,simmer all day,1/2 hr before serving
add the wine(or a beer) and turn off stove.
A nice french bread and red wine,dim the lights(advisable).