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Meat Balls

This is a recipie Italians wish they had,along with my sauce,what can i say.Life just became better.

Stuff ya need

6 - italian style sausage
1 - egg
pinch of rosemary
1 cup breadcrumbs
Mix this untill you get a nice sticky ball,loosley shape into 2"long )tube shape)
Cut it into 2' slices,shape into balls but dont sueeze them tight or they cook dry.
Place balls on pan and cook in 400 degree oven 10-15 min.just till browned.
Remove from oven put them in the pot of wonderful sause that you should have been cooking in the stove
for the last hr or so ,or did you forget?
What can i say they are great meat balls,no not like granny used to make cause these are much better.

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