Hot    Chicken

Chicken Rice

3to4lb-whole bird
4- green onions onion
6-8 cloves (crushed)

4-sliced tomatoes
2-sl1ced cucumbers
2 sprigs Chinese parsley
22 oz rice long-grain works for me
cooking oil
2 teaspoons salt
6 screw pine leaves, tied into a knot
35-oz-bird stock.

Ginger Sauce :
1/2 tsp-sugar
1/2 tsp-salt 2 oz-bird stock
2 pieces of ginger

Chilli Sauce :
2 oz-warm water
10-12-red chillies
1/2 tsp-salt
2-3 tbsp- lime juice
1. Wash bird,rub with salt. Stuff it with onions,garlic and ginger.
2. Boil 4 pints of salted water.
3. Add bird,and cover the pan. When it boils again, cook for another 2 mins.Turn the heat down low,leave covered and let simmer for half hr.(don't mess with the lid).
4.Remove your bird now and stick it in cold water until he's where you want him.Keep the stock for your rice besides never throw out stock ever!
5.Now brush your bird with a bit of oil,take out the stuffing,cut the bird in bite size chunks,layout with a garnish,your there.

1. Wash rice and fry it in heated lard for 2 minutes,add your bird stock,screw pine leaves(if you can figure out what they are)and boil slowly till stock is gone,give it a little stir,turn down to low 10-15 min.your there.

Ginger Sauce :
Crush your ginger,add all the other stuff and mix it up.

Chilli Sauce
Remove the stems and smash the cillies,put them in warm water and lime juice.
Thats it,keep your rice hot,enjoy

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