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Damm Good Sauce

The secret to great sauce other than this recipie your about to check out is ya gotta get into it,use nothing but the freshest ingredients and time,lots of time.Want spagetti tommorow make the sauce today.If you're not up to it then get outta here go see chef boy r d or

So Lets Get Cookin

Stuff ya need

2 qt-crushed stewed tomatoes(fresh ripe are best)or
2 28oz-cans tomatoes
2-tbs-bacon drippings,cold or(fat back)important.
10 oz-tomatoe soup(ya you can use canned)
1 1/2 lb-hamburg
1 lb ground pork or italian style sausage(my fav.)
1/2 red pepper,yellow pepper diced(both sweet)
1 -small onion(diced)
4 or 5 -cloves garlic (crushed)
1 tbs- oregano or hand full fresh
1 tbs-basil or hand full fresh
couple sprigs rosemary
salt & pepper
you can add mushrooms or whatever you like


In a very large pot: heat drippings,add basil oregano,rosemary
cook 2 min.add onions,garlic,peppers,cook 3 min
Now add tomato's,tomato soup,bring to slow boil reduce heat to simmer
Mix hamburg,pork or if sausage remove from casings first,fry till done
Add this to your sauce and your done,let it cook all day(uncovered)
Easy enough? have a glass of wine?coffee?beer i realy dont care.

just enjoy

y"all come