Ingredients for 12 dumplings.

2 2/3oz. butter(unsalted)

2 eggs (separated)

5 1/3oz. cottage cheese

7 3/4oz. white bread, diced

4 1/2oz. light cream

2 2/3c. cake flour

2 1/8oz. wheat semolina

1/4tsp. salt

Pour light cream over diced bread, allow to soak in, stir until smooth.

Beat together butter and egg yolks until foamy, add cottage cheese

and salt, fold in soaked bread.

Whip egg whites, add to mixture, then carefully fold in flour and

semolina. Let mixture sit in fridge for 1 hour. Form small round

dumplings, drop simering lightly salted water or a stew of your taste.

Turn off heat, let dumplings heat for about 12 min.

If your cooking in water, toss finished dumplings in buttered bread-

crumbs, and serve with your choice of fruit sauce.

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