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Ok I love to travel,actualy i love a lotta things, but i'm not telling you. You're here for recipies right?Stay focused.Anyway while on vacations I not only enjoyed all that was offered me and a few hangovers,i did take time out to find pallet pleasing foods,some I left as they were ,some I left right where i found them,some I changed a bit,the results of which can be found somewhere on this page.There are all kinds of interesting foods from around the world here so enjoy.
I know ,wheres the rest of them.They'll be here,patients!soon come.


Where you can wait for your buns to rise

come in

Put on a smile and get cookin

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Jamaican Patties} Austrian Crepe's} Cinnamin Twisrs}
Jerk Sauce Sweet Crepes} TOPFENKNODEL(Dumplings)
Curry Chicken} Linzer Wreaths Annise Rolls
Chineese Meatballs The Wine Page} Hawks Cake
Chineese BBQ Pork Spring Rolls