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At the age of 14 the famous french-american cook Henri Charpentier invented Crepes Suzette a glorified pancake. This is Henri's recipie condensed and put into what approximates american form.


This is a very good recipie.

Don't you wish life was this simple?

Combine and stir until the ingredients are the consistancy of thin cream.

3 eggs

2tbsp. flour

1tbsp. water

1tbsp. milk

pinch of salt

I recommend keeping this batter overnight. Place in a small skillet:

1tbsp. butter

When this bubbles pour in enough paste to cover the bottom of the pan with a thin coating-" almost like the white of an egg." Keep the pan moving for this is a delicate substance.A min. of cooking and the job is 3/4 done. Turn the cake. Now again and again and again until the cake is well browned. Now fold the cake twice. It will be triangular in shape"like a lady's handkerchief." The crepes may be stacked and reheated much later in sauce.


Here are 2 methods that Henri Charpentier

puts in his crepes that i think you will like.


Henri's Butter Sauce

This may be made in advance and kept for months in a cool place.

Cut into very thin strips pieces of:

lemon rind 3/4inch square

orange rind 3/4inch square

"Enough to put a patch on the of your thumb.

"Use only the thin yellow rind.ADD:

1tsp. vanilla

1tsp sugar

Pemit these ingredients to stand covered for 12 hours or more. melt in a large skillet

1/2c. sweet butter

When it starts to bubble add:

1 pony maraschino

1 pony curacao

1 pony kirsh

For those of you that don't know what a pony is join the club. i find an oz. works great.(depending who your feeding,just free pour to your desires)

Put a lighted match to the sauce. As the flame dies down add the lemon and orange mixture.

Place the sauce in a cool place until ready for use, if you wish.

Make the crepes. Plunge the cakes in boiling sauce. Turn them. ADD:

1 pony maraschino

1 pony curaco

1 pony kirsh

Put a lighted match to sauce. Permit it to burn.

Serve the cakes at once.

The final performance-plunging the folded crepes into

boiling sauce, adding and burning the liquor-is done in

the presence of the one to be feted.

Having given the original version of this famous dish,

i shall follow it by a less complicated and very good,

if not authentic, recipie.


There are endless ways of preparing crepes.

The rule for french pancakes will answer as

well as any for everyday use. Needless to say,

but being said for the benefit of those who

need an introduction, these cakes are as good

to eat as anything Henri or Hawk

can make.


3/4c. flour

1/2tsp. salt

1tsp. baking powder

2tbsp. conf. sugar


2 eggs

add and beat

2/3c. milk

1/3c. water

1 pony cognac

mix ingredients well. cook in hot skillet, with

drop of grease for each pancake, until brown on

both sides.Spread with following sauce

Stir until blended and creamy.

1/2c. butter

1c. conf. sugar


5tbsp. orange juice

1tbsp. lemon juice

2tsp. grated orange rind
Well now i'll tell you the way i like them the most,dont fold them like a hanky,keep them flat and round,when they are cool this is what you want to do.
Whip up a batch of heavy whip cream
Get some nicely ripened peaches,slice them
Spread whip cream on entire surface of crepe
Lay down a few peach slices
Roll up your crepe jelly roll style
Pic it up with 2 hands and your in heaven
But if they are for company then lay on plate make a line on top with cream top it with 2 peach slices,they'll keep commin back.


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